Uniq Roller Shutters specialise in both indoor and outdoor window furnishings. We have a vast product range including a variety of designs and colours to match any need. We provide quality installation and repairs targeted to the domestic and commercial markets. We offer premium service at genuine prices to meet any budget and guarantee one-on-one consultation.

Most importantly roller shutters are a great safety feature acting as a visual deterrent and physical barrier to entry. Uniq Roller Shutters offers a Uniq locking system providing additional security against forced intrusion.

We are the only company within the market which is registered and endorsed by the Victorian Building Authority placing us in an elite position within the industry. Our service delivers workmanship to a standard which adheres to Australian Building Standards and Regulations.

Why Uniq Roller Shutters ?

  • Specialise in both indoor and outdoor window furnishings
  • Offer a vast product range
  • Premium service at genuine prices
  • Provide quality installation and repairs
  • A standard of service which adheres to Australian Building Standards